Integrated Renewable Energy

Making the challenges of renewables into opportunities for business

Food, energy and water are life's essentials, and we are living today with the reality of scarce resources. Oil will run out, renewables haven't been able to match demand with supply, and making dirty water safe is getting more expensive.

Here are the facts on resources under pressure, current technologies, and Mitravitae's solution to a problem we have to face.

  • Challenges facing renewables: Resources under pressure

    Water: 30% of deaths in 88 developing countries caused by water issues. Energy: Forecast 53% increase in global demand by 2035.
    Food: Increasing resource competition, estimated 37% population growth by 2050. Read more

  • Current technologies

    Hybrid: Making energy from a mixture of fuels. Problem: renewable biofuels compete for clean water and productive land. Read more
    Solar Co-Generation: Produces electricity and water at high efficiencies. Problem: solar needs back-up fuel. Read more

  • Our integrated solution

    Biofuels used as back-up in a solar cogeneration plant, water used for crop irrigation in dry climates suited to solar. Our fossil-free design reduces waste and increases efficiency. Positive feedback increases output, with rapid growth to equilibrium. Read more

Industrial Ecosystems in 90 seconds

Nature wastes nothing, and that's where we're a smart business: combining complementary technologies in a closed loop system to produce energy, food, water and fuel with minimal waste. Mimicking ecosystem structure improves process efficiencies and maximises output. Profit from investment in natural resources.