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Mitravitae is a new company with a brilliant idea for making clean energy, food and water. We're looking for talented, passionate people to get involved, whether you're a potential investor, a student or educator looking for an interesting research project, an executive seeking an exciting challenge or have a general interest in contributing to a renewable future, there are lots of ways you can get involved:

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    Opportunities in agriculture, power management and control. Email us to find out more.

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    We have a great story, and would welcome the opportunity to speak at your business, college or event.

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    View, develop and test IRE open source code for all to share.

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    Join the team that makes our blog brilliant. Drop us an email to sign up.

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    Fundraising and installation of very small scale IRE solutions that provide energy and clean water in rural locations.

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    If you run or own water purification facilities we have innovative solutions to help expand your business and enhance your brand.

Invest for the Future

Scalable implementations provide attractive ROI whatever your risk appetite. Full details and techno-feasibility analysis available on request.

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